15 Proven Ways to Get More Instagram Impressions

Getting more impressions on Instagram is key to reaching a larger audience and growing your account. But simply posting great content isn’t enough to boost your impression count.

With over 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram, standing out takes strategy and optimizing your presence. Impressions indicate how many times your post was seen, so more impressions mean more visibility.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 15 techniques to significantly expand your Instagram reach. You’ll learn Instagram algorithm hacks, posting strategies, engagement tactics, influencer collaborations, hashtag research tips, and more.

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, business, artist or brand, increasing impressions leads to more profile visits, follows, shares and overall growth. Use these proven methods to get your content in front of more people and take your Instagram game to the next level!

Tip 1: Optimize Your Instagram Profile (150 words)

Your Instagram profile is the face of your brand on the platform. Make sure it’s optimized to draw viewers in:

  • Update your bio with compelling language – express your unique value proposition.
  • Include relevant keywords that your target audience searches for.
  • Link to your website/blog and other social profiles.
  • Add emojis and personality to your bio and username.
  • Feature your best, high-quality photos and videos in your grid.
  • Use current, eye-catching Stories highlights to convey what you offer.
  • Add location tags and contact details.

An optimized, professional looking profile keeps visitors engaged longer which signals to the algorithm you deserve more impressions.

Tip 2: Post at the Best Times (150 words)

When you post plays a major role in how many people see it in their feeds. Post at peak times when your audience is most active on Instagram:

  • Early mornings (before 10am) catch people scrolling over breakfast or during commute.
  • Post around 11am-1pm when users check Instagram on lunch breaks.
  • Afternoons after work hours (5pm onward) are popular viewing times before dinner.

Check Instagram Insights to see when your own followers are online and engaging most. Tailor your posting times to your audience activity patterns.

Posting later in the evening and at night results in fewer impressions as fewer users are on the app then. Test times and analyze your analytics to determine optimal timing. Consistency also matters – post daily or multiple times a day.

Tip 3: Use Relevant Hashtags Strategically (150 words)

Hashtags expand your visibility so more users can discover your posts. Using a mix of popular and niche hashtags is key:

  • Research top and trending hashtags in your industry.
  • Identify niche, targeted hashtags with lower volume but higher relevance.
  • Create your own branded hashtags and promote them consistently.
  • Use enough hashtags (5-10) to improve discoverability but not too many as to be spammy.
  • Add majority of hashtags in the post caption, 1 or 2 in comments for visibility.
  • Update hashtags depending on events, holidays, etc. to capitalize on timeliness.
  • Use a social media planning tool to identify the best hashtags to reach your audience.

Relevant hashtags drive more impressions and allow you to be found by interested users. Curate the right hashtag mix tailored to your niche and content style.

Tip 4: Post Video Content Frequently (150 words)

Video content ranks extremely well with the Instagram algorithm due to high engagement rates. Posting more video can dramatically boost impressions:

  • Share Reels daily or multiple times per day. These appear prominently on the Explore page.
  • Post Stories at least once daily, better yet 2x a day (morning and evening).
  • Go Live periodically to engage your audience in real time.
  • Share short videos previewing new products, services or content.
  • Post quote graphics or articles as Stories or Reels with music and text overlays.
  • Upload longer videos to IGTV for more informational content.
  • Ask engaging questions in videos to spark conversation.

The more video content you share, the more YouTube and IGTV impressions you also gain, multiplying your overall reach.

Tip 5: Leverage Instagram Ads (150 words)

Instagram Ads offer a paid way to increase impressions and expose your brand to massive new audiences. Options include:

  • Photo Ads – single image ads with caption text.
  • Video Ads – short video ads up to 30 secs (can repurpose Reels).
  • Carousel Ads – multiple image or video ads in one post.
  • Collection Ads – showcase and link to your product catalog.
  • Explore Ads – appear when people view the Explore tab and related content.

Carefully target your ads by location, interests, behaviors and user demographics. Set budgets based on your goals and track effectiveness.

Ads offer a cost-efficient way to test different posts, content styles and captions to see what resonates most with your audience. The learnings can inform your organic posting strategy.

Tip 6: Post Your Best Content 2-3x (150 words)

Repurposing already-posted content that performed well gives existing gems new life. Avoid blatant back-to-back reposts. Instead:

  • Re-share your best posts in Instagram Stories on following days.
  • Post a “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday” version with a fresh caption.
  • Revamp the post visually with new filters, aspect ratios or text box additions.
  • Share a detail, quote or component from the original as its own post.
  • Schedule the re-post for a few weeks or months after initial posting.
  • Link to your original high-performing posts in relevant new posts or Stories.
  • Turn top photos into multi-image posts with carousels or videos.

Spread out refreshed versions of winning content for double the reach. Constantly creating new content is tough – repurpose what already resonates.

Tip 7: Post User-Generated Content (150 words)

User-generated content (UGC) improves engagement and provides social proof. Ask followers to tag you in quality posts featuring your brand for potential re-sharing:

  • Repost the best photos/videos fans take using or wearing your products.
  • Spotlight happy customers sharing their new purchases or positive brand experiences.
  • Feature influencers reviewing or unboxing your products.
  • Share customers creatively using your services or offering testimonials.
  • Re-post fans promoting your brand organically with their own custom hashtags.

Always ask for permission before reposting someone’s content and give them proper credit. UGC shows real customer advocacy and third-party credibility. Their engaged networks help expand your impressions.

Tip 8: Go Live Frequently (150 words)

Live broadcasts rank very highly with the Instagram algorithm and get pushed aggressively. Go Live as much as possible:

  • Give live demos, tips and behind-the-scenes for what you offer. Teach your expertise.
  • Invite special guest influencers or experts for joint live Q&As, chats and collaborations.
  • Let viewers “Ask Me Anything” and respond conversationally in real time.
  • Broadcast at events, trade shows and conferences. Show your brand in action.
  • Announce sales, deals and exciting news via live broadcast.
  • Post your Lives to IGTV afterward for extra exposure.

Leverage exclusivity of the live experience to engage existing followers in new ways and potentially get shared across their networks for more impressions.

Tip 9: Partner with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are influencers with smaller but highly engaged, niche followings (1K to 100K followers). They offer great ROI:

  • Search relevant hashtags to discover quality micro-influencers in your industry.
  • Vet them for authenticity and true influence in their network. Analyze their engagement levels.
  • Offer free products in exchange for organic mentions and content partnerships.
  • Negotiate low cost but high value promo packages and ongoing arrangements.
  • Set up creative collaborations, co-created content and cross-promotions.
  • Share user-generated micro-influencer content if they have enthusiastic, on-brand followings.

Micro-influencer partnerships done right can generate real ROI through credible impressions, exposures and clicks.

Tip 10: Follow/Unfollow Users

The follow/unfollow technique involves following accounts you’d like to reach, gaining a follow back, and then unfollowing those who don’t reciprocate. Do this carefully:

  • Target similar accounts, competitors, partners, micro-influencers and engaged users.
  • Use tools to identify followers of competitors or complementary brands to follow.
  • Schedule unfollows for non-followers after a few days to avoid looking spammy.
  • Refollow those who followed you after the unfollow period
  • Favorite and engage with some of their content to build authentic connections.

This efficiently grows your audience of followers genuinely interested in your niche. Done manually and sparingly, it can widen your reach. But avoid mass-following then unfollowing hundreds per day as Instagram may flag your account.

Tip 11: Run Giveaways & Contests

Giveaways and contests boost engagement substantially. More involvement signals relevance to the algorithm:

  • Ask followers to like, comment and tag friends for entry into a prize drawing.
  • Increase the excitement with limited time contests like first “X” people to take an action win.
  • Cross-promote giveaways with aligned influencers and brands.
  • Require users follow you and share your page to enter contests.
  • Make prize valuable like your products, gift cards or highly desired items.
  • Use contest apps to manage entries and pick random winners.
  • Announce winners and show prize deliveries in dedicated posts and Stories.

Spark engagement and impressions with tantalizing prizes. Encourage contest sharing across social networks for further reach.

Tip 12: Leverage Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Story ads appear between users’ stories:

  • They can be photo or video format.
  • Link to internal or external destinations.
  • Call to actions like “Swipe Up”.
  • Limited to 15 seconds max.

Benefits include:

  • Full-screen vertical placement stands out.
  • Much lower cost per impression than feed ads.
  • Appear more “native” within the Stories experience.
  • Can reuse and test feed posts creatively as stories.
  • Drive traffic to your bio, posts, website, online store, etc.

Leverage Instagram Stories ads for brand awareness and engage users who prefer Stories over scrolling the feed.

Tip 13: Analyze Your Data

Diving into Instagram Analytics provides the key information needed to refine your strategy:

  • Identify which posts earned the most impressions and engagements. Study what worked.
  • See when your followers are most active and adjust your posting times accordingly.
  • Check if hashtag usage is expanding your reach or not. Double down on effective hashtags.
  • See how running ads and promotions affect engagement spikes.
  • Check your audience demographics like age, gender and location. Craft content tailored to them.
  • Observe how your content style and topics are resonating over time.

Regularly analyzing your performance data enables smarter posting decisions. Learn from what already attracts your audience to do more of that. Let data guide your optimization efforts.

Tip 14: Level Up Your Instagram Stories Game

With 500 million daily active users on Stories, mastering Stories content expands impressions greatly:

  • Post daily Stories consistently – views determine how much Instagram promotes your account.
  • Create multi-part Stories to share more content, tips and teasers.
  • Use interactive polls, questions and sliders to get viewers engaged.
  • Leverage AR filters and effects to creatively showcase your brand personality.
  • Share behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and user-generated content.
  • Cross-promote with link stickers to your latest feed posts.
  • Ensure a clickable link in your Stories bio for easy call to actions.
  • Partner with influencers on collaborative Stories takeovers.

A strong Stories presence keeps your brand top of mind. Views and responses signal an active, engaging presence on Instagram.

Tip 15: Promote Your Instagram Elsewhere

Expand impressions by promoting your Instagram content across other platforms:

  • Share Instagram post links and previews on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Embed Instagram posts and Reels into your blog, website and online articles.
  • Link to your Instagram feed in email newsletters.
  • Run retargeting ads on Facebook/Instagram driving users to follow you.
  • Mention your Instagram handle on other platforms like YouTube, podcasts, etc.
  • Post Stories screenshots natively on TikTok and YouTube Shorts.
  • Promote your Instagram at live events, on business cards, packaging, etc.

Raising awareness everywhere builds social proof and drives new profile visits. Plus external views of your Instagram content signal broader relevancy.


Gaining impressions is a numbers game but also involves consistent effort and strategic optimization. Use these 15 tips to maximize your Instagram reach, engagement, views and exposure.

Craft shareable content tailored to your audience. Make the most of hashtags, captions, geotags and interactive elements. Collaborate with influencers and run promotions. Analyze performance and capitalize on what works.

With these proven techniques, your Instagram growth and authority will expand over time. Ready to increase your impressions and connect with more people? Let’s do this!CopyRetry

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