Instagram auto comments are the automated replies that you can program your Instagram account to respond with when someone leaves a comment on one of your posts. Instead of having to manually reply to each comment, you can set up an auto comment system so that whenever someone sends an inquiry or leaves a comment, they automatically get an appropriate response. This is especially helpful for businesses that receive hundreds of comments on their posts and don’t have the time or resources to personally respond to them all.

How Auto Comments Work

Auto comments work by using keyword triggers. When someone leaves a comment on your post, the software will scan through the comment and look for certain keywords or phrases. If it finds one of these keywords, it will trigger a pre-programmed response from your account. For example, if someone were to leave a comment like “Where can I buy this product?”, the software would recognize the words “buy” and “product” and trigger an auto response like “You can purchase our product at [link].”

Pros & Cons of Using Auto Comments

One benefit of using auto comments is that it saves you time. Since you don’t need to personally respond to each individual comment, you can free up more time in your day for other tasks. Additionally, since your responses are automated, they are always consistent and accurate no matter who is responding—unlike with manual responses which could potentially vary depending on who is responding at any given time.
On the flip side, there are some drawbacks as well. One downside is that auto comments do not provide a personalized touch like manual responses do. When people take the time to leave a thoughtful comment or ask an important question about your product or service, they expect an equally thoughtful response—and unfortunately auto comments cannot provide that level of personalization. Additionally, if used improperly (e.g., too frequently), auto comments can come across as robotic and impersonal which could hurt your brand image in the long run.


Auto comments are an effective way for businesses to save time while still providing timely replies to their customers and followers on Instagram. While there are some benefits associated with using auto comments (e.g., saving time), there are also some drawbacks (e.g., lack of personalization). As such, it is important to use auto comments sparingly so as not to harm your brand’s image in the long run. Ultimately though, whether or not you choose to use auto comments depends on what makes sense for your business and its unique needs and objectives—so be sure to weigh all options before making a decision!

By Maria Welling

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